June 08, 2016


The Peoples' Fighter - Ali

Muhammad Ali is considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time, crowned the heavyweight champion in 1964, and then reclaiming it two more times in the 1970s. Ali is known for his pre-match speeches and his slick ‘Trash Talking’ of his opponents, which he was able to back up.

Muhammad always stayed true to his beliefs and religion even when faced with stiff consequences, including being stripped of his boxing title and being sentenced to five years in prison; he stood firm.

His legacy, however, extends beyond the sport of boxing. His toughest fight was actually out of the ring. Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease soon after his retirement, and he is praised for raising awareness during his battle with the disease. Although the disease robbed him of this speech and mobility, it couldn’t rob him of his dedication to activism and philanthropy.

In the end, his will be remembered for his kindness, generosity, and for being an advocate for religious freedom and equality. Not only was Muhammad Ali a champion in the ring, he was a champion for the people.








CES Narrator
CES Narrator


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