June 16, 2016


EDC - The "American Ibiza"

Electric Daisy Carnival can be associated with terms such as artistic, festive, energetic, colorful, bright, vibrant, and lively.  EDC has grown to a global electronic music phenomenon, drawing in crowds of over a few hundred thousand annually while showcasing top EDM DJ’s and artists delighting the EDC’ers.

Each event, each concert, and each performance is an endless groove of music that keeps you moving until its consummation under the electric sky, resembled by amazing and grand fireworks.  Mix, mingle, stay free, have fun, and show off your style.

All this energy is represented and captured with these socks and wrapped around your feet with these daisies exploding with color, vibrancy, and excitement.  Whether you’re celebrating the festival by attending the next rave or want to be part of the spirit, show off your EDM gear for the carnival with these socks. - PLUR-

CES Narrator
CES Narrator


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