November 07, 2016


Election Day 2016

It’s a great privilege for us to be a sock company in the United States of America.  Our country is one of the greatest nations in the world and our distinguished constitution protects our beloved freedoms and liberties.  Our company is built on the basis of our first amendment right of free speech which gives each of us the right to be unique and have our own voice.  Our constitution also gives us the right to vote and be represented.

This year has been a long presidential campaign season and many Americans are growing weary of it.  It has highlighted the differences in views throughout the country.  Those differences in views and opinions are exactly what make this country great.  However, we should not take our liberties for granted and take our election process lightly.  For those who are registered to vote, it’s now time to step up and exercise your fifteenth amendment.  Even if you do not like any of the candidates, just showing up to the polls is important alone.  If you don’t feel like voting for any of them, you can just do a write-in candidate.

Ultimately, after the election process is over, we will go back to our daily lives.  Whoever becomes our next president, one thing is for certain; whatever your political views and opinions are, the important thing to remember is to respect each other first and foremost as all Americans.  Now get out there and vote on Nov 8th.

CES Narrator
CES Narrator


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