July 07, 2016


I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost - Ghostbusters, The Proton Pack!

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood. 
Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!  It’s been 27 long years since the last Ghostbusters movie and it’s well overdue for a sequel this summer.  We’re paying tribute to this classic and cultural phenomenon with our Ghostbuster socks.

Slide on these Ghostbuster socks, but don’t be scared when green slime oozes down the side or the ghostly spirits hovering around your feet and flying through the walls.  Just pick up the phone and dial, then escape the paranormal activity and watch from behind the yellow caution tape.

When the alarm sounds, the ghostbusters suit up; throw on their proton packs, and race toward danger in their screaming Ecto-1.  The Ghostbusters fearlessly run in and engage with their Proton guns drawn, blasting the ghosts with their particle beams before sliding the ghost traps under for the capture.  Take a closer look and see if you can identify the decals in the intricate green design.  Be sure you have these socks on before getting slimmed at the movies.

CES Narrator
CES Narrator


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