July 13, 2016


Speed Force - The Fastest of them all

Some of us might possess the ability to tap into the omni-energy of the Speed Force.  If you were a speedsters who could, how would you apply your superhuman speed?  With the hit television show zooming on to its third season, we have special lightning bolt socks to electrify all of The Flash fans.

Every superhero has their archenemies; the Flash has Zoom.  Both of these characters are undoubtedly fast in their own way and share different shades of the lightning bolt emblem.  The lightning strikes you’ll see on these Speed Force socks represent the immense speed that they can travel while becoming engulfed in lightning itself.  Those blotches all around the bolt is the trail of debris generated when traveling at those speeds.  Whether you side with the superhero Scarlet Speedster Barry Allen or his menacing super-villain Zoom, the choice is uniquely yours.  So there’s only one thing left, who’s the fastest?

CES Narrator
CES Narrator


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