July 01, 2016


The 305 - A.K.A Miami

The 305 is not just an area code.  It’s an area code associated with hot, sexy, fun, diverse, and paradise.  That’s what surrounds you when stepping onto the Miami scene.   Take a piece of that paradise and put it on your feet and it’ll leave you feeling fresh for the summer.

The pastel colors from Miami Vice are real and represented in the historic Art-deco architecture of Miami.  It has a rich Spanish heritage mixed with Latin and Caribbean culture, providing some of the greatest Cuban cuisine available.  When the sun sets into the Gulf of Mexico, Miami comes alive.  The nightlife is as diverse as the music, unique to the streets of Miami.  Take a walk down the warm summer night and you’ll be engulfed in any mix of conga, salsa, Latin jazz, or Latin rock.

Whatever’s on your agenda, these 305 socks immerse you with the beautiful pink Miami sunset and its energetic city skyline. Let the Miami palms sway along the tropical horizon. The rest of the night belongs to you.  Let the feel good music, life, and vibe of the city take you away for the summer.

CES Narrator
CES Narrator


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