by Anna Ichiban Liu March 02, 2017

With spring around the corner, there’s a lot going on at Customize Elite Socks.  We’re giving you an inside look and taking you behind the scenes of what to expect the next few months.   Have a peek into our recent photoshoot where you’ll get to meet our models as well as a chance to explore of our CES campus located at Industry City here in Brooklyn.

BTS ICShot on location on an almost perfect spring-like sunny day at our campus.  The campus features an array of different scenery and textures with large open spaces and creative lounges to work with.  It’s essentially a paradise for designers and free lancers.

Let’s meet and find out more about our models.  Elianah Davi Sukoenig is not only a model but also a fashion stylist, active in social media, and a freelance illustrator.  Shamell Mason is a BK native who has done a variety of projects with studios, designers, photographers and videographers.  Chad Douglas is our BMX freestyle rider from Manhattan, who is rarely without his bike and promotes the NYC BMX freestyle community.

IC Candid

For the photoshoot, our models got a chance to work with our designer to design and create socks that matched their individual personalities.   They also got a chance to select a few of their favorite pairs from our line of designs.   I’m excited to see what they came up with.


Anna Ichiban Liu
Anna Ichiban Liu

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Care Instructions


Your CES socks are knitted from a high performance poly-cotton blend yarns. A few simple care instructions will go a long way in keeping your socks looking vibrant, sharp, and maintaining its performance attributes.


  1. Turn the socks inside out before washing. This reduces the likelihood of the surface from getting snags or damage to the printed side.
  2. Hand wash if possible with cold/warm water. Hand washing is much gentle on the socks and the fibers than machine washing. This will help with the longevity of your socks and print.
  3. Air dry if possible or tumble dry low in the dryer. High heat will affect the performance fibers.
  4. Don't use bleach, dryer sheets or fabric softener
  5. Don't dry clean