Printing Technology

Sock Prints


Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation is a digital printing technology that allows full color artwork to be printed onto a polyester substrate. The artwork is first printed on special transfer paper using professional quality photo printers. The socks are then pre-stretched and carefully placed onto foot molds to ensure an accurate and perfect print while minimizing break lines. The process uses the science of sublimation, in which heat and pressure are applied to a solid (the ink on the transfer paper), and turned it into a gas without passing through the liquid phase. Both the transfer paper and socks go into the heat press where the artwork ink bonds directly with the polyester fibers on the socks. That’s how your socks are created.​

Printing Technology

Dye-Sub vs Screen Print vs Heat Transfer

Most people are more familiar screen printing and it’s also one of the more common printing methods for t-shirts and other types of apparel. Dye sublimation has many advantages over screen printing and heat transfer, which is a much older technology with many limitations. Screen printing is usually restricted to a limited amount of printing options, such as multicolor options, wording, or simple clipart style of graphics. Heat transfer does provide better image options but it has its limitations as well. Dye sublimation opens up a world of high definition graphics and colors options available for printing. 


Screen printing or heat transfer are also not options when it comes to printing on socks.  The socks need to be breathable and comfortable when worn on your feet. Both screen printing and heat transfer requires leaving a film on the surface of the fabric of the printed area, both which cannot withstand the constant stress your socks are subjected to on a daily basis. Most important of all, it’s not comfortable because that plastic like layer is not breathable. No one likes wet and steamy feet. Dye sublimation bonds directly with the poly-fibers to achieve a clear, vibrant photo quality print, and best of all, your feet remain happy.


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Care Instructions


Your CES socks are knitted from a high performance poly-cotton blend yarns. A few simple care instructions will go a long way in keeping your socks looking vibrant, sharp, and maintaining its performance attributes.


  1. Turn the socks inside out before washing. This reduces the likelihood of the surface from getting snags or damage to the printed side.
  2. Hand wash if possible with cold/warm water. Hand washing is much gentle on the socks and the fibers than machine washing. This will help with the longevity of your socks and print.
  3. Air dry if possible or tumble dry low in the dryer. High heat will affect the performance fibers.
  4. Don't use bleach, dryer sheets or fabric softener
  5. Don't dry clean